7 Tips To Stay Stylish Even When You’re On A Budget

You don’t have to break the bank to stay fashionable.

Following fashion trends is quite an expensive hobby as every season, and every year, fashion is constantly changing! But there are actually ways to stay stylish and fashionable without you having to spend all your money. Try these tips to look good and feel good without your wallet suffering.

Check out what you already have

First things first, go to your closet and lay everything out. Separate the clothes you still want to wear from the ones you don’t want to wear anymore. Then separate them again into clothes you ALWAYS wear and clothes you NEVER wear. Now that you’ve done those, it’s time to reassess your fashion and clothing situation. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have too many shirts I don’t wear that much?
  • Do I have enough pants?
  • Are these the same item in four different colors?
  • How many cardigans are too many cardigans?
  • Would I wear these again?
  • How many ways can I wear this blouse?

After answering these questions, you’ll be able to know what items you need to keep and those you need to sell or donate.

Don’t buy clothes you’re not going to wear

Here’s a common problem for most shoppers: buying clothes you’re never going to wear. It happens when you spot something cute in a shop and buy it without even thinking about when you’re going to wear it. Time to drop this bad habit, people. Only buy clothes you’re actually going to wear several times (not just on one occasion). This will help you save a lot of money and closet space.

Explore thrift shops

Let’s break the stigma that shopping in thrift shops is uncool and only for the poor. In fact, buying in thrift shops is THE bomb. Why? Because where else can you find the most amazing vintage pieces? Only in thrift shops and antique stores. Aside from saving almost half of your money compared to buying new ones, shopping in thrift shops allows you to show the real fashionista in you. Unlike in stores and malls where they have a catalog ready for you to browse, in thrift shops, you got to find what you want to see. Sometimes you’ll spend hours trying to look for the perfect vintage dress, but when you find it, it’ll surely be worth it. Especially when it’s only for $5.

Sell pre-loved clothes you never wear

Another way to save money and even earn more money is to sell your pre-loved clothes. Take out all the clothes you’re never going to wear anymore and put them up for sale. You can hold a mini garage party at your house or set up a carousel account online. There are always people looking for pre-loved items.

Swap and shop with your friends

Here’s a fun way to get new clothes: swap with your friends! You can do a monthly session of swapping clothes with your friends and even strangers. It’s like a book club, but with clothes! You can also do a shopping challenge with your friends where you’re only allowed to spend $100 a month or less for clothes. Gamifying things makes it easier and more fun to stay on budget.

Be creative.

If you love fashion, you’ll find ways to make it work. Get your creativity flowing and mix and match clothes according to your style. You don’t have to buy the latest collection to stay trendy and stylish. It’s all about being able to look good in your own style and carry it with confidence.